Since 2008, we have assisted over 2500+ educators as their choice supplier for STEM (science, technology and mathematics) equipment, creating experiences which inspire learners who become the next generation of scientists etc. Leave it to us to not just provide quality innovative equipment, we can also assist with lesson planning enabling engaging lessons.

We carry a range of ICT equipment and educational software. Being the decision maker, we would like to assist and become part of your purchasing decision. Our web catalogue contains 5000+ products which should give you an idea of our vast and growing product range.

Should you require, our sales agents would be more than glad to setup an appointment with you and go through your requirements one-on-one. Testimonials can be provided.

We are able to and are currently exporting to African countries and can assist globally as well!

Vision Statement

We stand behind the philosophy of Advancing Innovation through Science Education!

Our vision is to become your preferred source of educational lab equipment whoever you may be in the educational fraternity, offering quality products and services which supports innovation leading to job creation through scientists and engineers for a successful tomorrow. We bring together the future of and innovation in education closer to our customers.

BMS aims to create a lasting relationship with you, our client, by being a reliable, efficient and affordable source of equipment. Our product knowledge and skills build on our complete customer service experience. We will strive to perfect our service which must represent our company, with our products complementing it!

An Overview of Our Range

- Pre-primary up to Tertiary level

- Early Childhood Development resources: Mathematics, Numeracy, Literacy, Arts and crafts

- Primary & High School Lab Equipment: Physics, Chemistry, Life Science, Mathematics and Technology including kits

- Tertiary Institutions: Physics didactica, Electronics engineering, Materials testing, Civil engineering

- Chemicals: General and research quality - extensive range!

- ICT: Interactive whiteboards, Educational software, Data-logging, Visualizers

- Lab Furniture: Mobile lab units and Fume cupboards, Stools, Nursery school fittings

- Scientific gifts for the enthusiast


Why us? Delivering on our vision…

- We pride ourselves on sourcing that hard to find item, hence our extensive product profile

- Our range also consists of value-add items, building on science concepts

- Constantly providing training to our sales team for better product knowledge

- Efficient and quick delivery – our turnaround is 3 working days if items are in stock

- Smaller management structure means we adapt quicker, faster to act and provide quicker decisions

- Personalised service – creating or customising solutions for client

- Quality control – We only purchase from ISO standard companies, 80% client retention rate

- Engage continuously with NGO’s and other stakeholders (DOE) involved in teacher training to provide relevant products and services, saving you time and money in the long term

- Assist local employment and contribute to our economy by engaging other smaller companies in manufacturing some of our items locally

Speed – Quality – Expertise – Capability – Reliability


How we try and go even further

- Training on and product demonstrations – assisting teachers in teaching better

- Repairs on some educational equipment and microscopes – stretching your budget further

- CSI: partnering with businesses to deliver educational solutions

- Financing: enabling a vision of a well-equipped lab and inspiring the wonders of science